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​​Temple of the Moon

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    You and your gang of bank robbers have finally found yourself an easy mark. After riding into this town you found the bank is owned by an eccentric old man. He lives at the bank but also he's so forgetful at his age he needs to leave clues around to help him remember the combinations to his own vaults. Lucky for you he's out for a few drinks to celebrate the sheriff's birthday, giving you one solid hour to get into his safe and clean the bank out. Piece of cake, right?
Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Hard
Time Limit: 60 min

  Once every seven years or so a full moon falls on the winter solstice. During this longest night of the year with the power of the full moon the Temple of the Moon will appear for a scant sixty minute. This structure holds the priceless Moon Relic. You and your fellow adventurer's will brave the temple to retrieve this relic. Be quick however as if the temple disappears with you inside you will vanish with it. An unwilling sacrifice to the Cult of the Moon.
Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Medium
Time Limit: 60 min

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